Dan’s clients have shared the following thoughts about his practice… 

My process of grieving has deepened and I’m liking the world. Thank you for your wisdom and help
RK, Tucson AZ
I just wanted to tell you how appreciative and grateful I am to have met you and worked with you. For the first time in years I have been able to grieve over my sister in a safe and controlled environment without judgment or shame
JR, Tucson AZ
You were the first and only counselor I had to spoken to who actually listened that I connected with. You were able to put the truth in front of me, and the truth hurts, but I could listen to you without feeling misjudged or angry
AJ, Los Angeles
I think the best way to repay you is to apply all that you have taught me and live a good clean life
TF, Tucson AZ
Thank you for reminding me what it means to be sober
DB, Tucson AZ