Counseling Services

Grief and Loss

The treatment of loss must be individualized and attuned to a client’s needs and ability to tolerate difficult events and memories. Dan believes in providing a safe environment where clients can express themselves openly without fear of judgment. Many clients have achieved successful outcomes using a narrative approach. We need to tell the story of our grief many times to lessen the feelings of emptiness. Clients have been assisted in dialoguing with their loved ones symbolically as well as utilizing journaling and other written exercises. The goal is to accept the reality of the loss, feel the emotions, adjust to a new world, and begin to move forward without forgetting.


In treating clients with substance abuse issues, Dan believes in an abstinence approach. Dan is comfortable with referring clients to 12-step programs and using that model, but he recognizes that there are other programs that have also been helpful. After a thorough assessment and evaluation, clients will be assisted in identifying personal relapse triggers and high risk situations. Relapse prevention will include an understanding of the relapse dynamic and warning signs. A cognitive approach to relapse is also introduced as well as experiential approaches. Clients will learn to practice alternative coping strategies that are realistic and appropriate for their personal circumstances.

Other Issues

Dan has been treating depression, anxiety and other issues like anger management using an integrated approach that includes gestalt, humanistic, experiential and cognitive approaches. His experience as a parent and former teacher provides him with insights into parenting concerns and relationship issues.